Roland Garros Predictions: Key bets for the French Open

Roland Garros Predictions

Shorts, heat and long days. Anyone would tell you that it is indicative of the arrival of summer, but it is not the only meaning. If like us you are a tennis fan, it will tell you what it means that Roland Garros is coming. In case you don’t want this competition to choke you, don’t hesitate to consult Sportium’s Roland Garros betting forecasts. As a great advantage, it is played after several matches on clay, so making predictions for bets on the French Open will be somewhat easier.

Roland Garros is one of the favorite events in tennis. Not only are the impressive results of Rafa Nadal, which by the way make betting on Nadal very profitable, but also Sánchez Vicario, Garbiñe Muguruza, Sergi Bruguera, Carlos Moyá and Juan Carlos Ferrero have stood out enormously in previous editions. And, in this edition, Carlos Alcaraz arrives very strong in the list of applicants.

What should you know for your bets on Roland Garros 2022? This edition is held at its particular time of year, specifically from May 22 to June 5, and it does so with several tennis players conspiring to snatch his championship title from Novak Djokovic. Among them, Rafa Nadal, with a total of 13 championships since 2005. If we look at the odds for Roland Garros, we see that Nadal is more likely to win the title than any other tennis player, but the underdogs arrive with great desire . But what do the Roland Garros predictions say about this edition? Let’s go see them!

Roland Garros 2022 predictions: Who are the favourites?

Roland Garros 2022 predictions

The general level of the players is essential in tennis betting. The tops of the ranking always tend to reach the highest points, and if they are not eliminated, it is among themselves (except for occasional surprises). But within this elite, there are two factors that take on special relevance in your bets on Roland Garros: the type of surface (and by extension the name of the tournament) and the moment of form of each tennis player. Roland Garros is now ready to start a new edition. Who are the big favorites for the title?

Rafael Nadal: The Spaniard is without a doubt the great favorite for Roland Garros. A 13-time champion, he has only failed to win the trophy 4 times since 2005. Also, whenever he has reached the final he has won it. But due to the role of current champion of the Serbian Novak Djokovic and the young promise Carlos Alcaraz, it is the year that Nadal arrives as a less clear favorite.

Novak Djokovic: Not taking Novak Djokovic into account in these French Open bets is a mistake. In recent years, he has played in 6 finals, and whenever Rafa Nadal has not won the trophy, he has, except on one occasion. The only handicap for him will be the state of irregular shape that he drags in the last few appointments.

Carlos Alcaraz: Alcaraz’s great role in Barcelona catapulted him directly to the podium of favorites for Roland Garros. Along with the Miami Master as great achievements of the tennis player this year, they are his endorsement to play the French Open, but also the Spanish leadership of his compatriot Rafa Nadal.

Stefanos Tsitsipas: Taking Tsitsipas into account in forecasts for the French Open is mandatory, even if he is not on the crest of the wave right now. In addition, the Greek arrives at the event with the thorn of his defeat in the final against the Serbian Djokovic last year.

As for the bets and odds, days before the start of the tournament, the Roland Garros forecasts already point to a trend. On the men’s side, betting on Rafa Nadal seems the most feasible, but with much less advantage than in other editions. These are the odds for Roland Garros:

  • Win Nadal @1.50
  • Alexander Zverev @5.00
  • Casper Ruud @6.50
  • Marin Cilic @9.00

Roland Garros winners

It is important to know the Palmares of a competition before placing your bets. In this case, the list of winners at Roland Garros this century is very easy to memorize, due to Rafa Nadal’s supremacy in the tournament:

  • 2021: Novak Djokovic
  • 2017-20: Rafael Nadal
  • 2016: Novak Djokovic
  • 2015: S. Wawrinka
  • 2010-14: Rafael Nadal
  • 2009: Roger Federer
  • 2005-08: Rafael Nadal

Roland Garros 2022: When is it?

When is it

The Roland Garros or French Open will take place between May 22 and June 5 at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris. It will be played on outdoor clay courts, and will consist of singles, doubles and mixed doubles matches. Youth and wheelchair tournaments are also scheduled.

  • Venue: Stade Roland Garros (Paris)
  • Date: May 22 – June 5
  • Terrain: clay

How to make my own tennis predictions?

If you like the world of tennis betting, reading the tips on this blog is a must for you, but if you are already an experienced bettor you will want to get the data yourself to make predictions.

Match history: History counts and affects. Not only direct confrontations between tennis players, which is also a lot, but also in the tournament itself. As in the case of Roland Garros predictions, Nadal’s brilliant results, with 13 victories since 2005, leave Rafa Nadal betting as an interesting play.

Know every tennis player: The ATP ranking is very important too. The Top of the ATP will hardly fail if it is not facing each other, but in order to make your predictions more accurately you should see the state of form of each tennis player. In this way, you will avoid scares and unpleasant surprises.

Type of track: Another ‘must’, closely linked and that directly affects the history of the tournament. The clay court, for example, explains the reign of Rafa Nadal and the bets on him at Roland Garros.

Are you already sure what your Roland Garros bets are going to be? And if it doesn’t work out? With our data and statistics it is easier to hit, but even so it is very important to bet with a lot of calm and head. Following the parameters of safe and responsible gambling should be an obligation when betting on tennis or any other sport.

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