burger station slot machine

The Burger Station slot machine is inspired by fast food foods. B3W knows how important it is for many to eat a delicious hamburger. In addition to hot dogs, chips, ice cream, among others. For this reason, it is a great work in representing the foods with the high calories that these foods have.

This game can be found in online casinos, just like other casino games. Are you willing to have fun on a gluttonous adventure in homage to these foods? Then do not miss this interesting article where we will introduce you to the functions of the Burger Station slot machine.



The developer B3W Gaming is famous for the theme of their games and how interesting their designs are. This makes them attractive to many who want to have fun and have a good time.

The game takes place in an environment with quite striking colors. Because they are closely related to this type of food. This machine is simple, it does not have a wild card or scatter, or multipliers, among others. However, due to the prizes it distributes, it has managed to earn the appreciation of many players. The design of the slot machine is charming, showing vignettes with images of hot dogs, cookies, soda, chips, ice cream. In addition, the most representative icon cannot be missing, that is, the hamburger.



The functionality of the game is quite easy for any operator, including Slottica Casino, all you have to do is feel like gambling and start playing. First you must choose your bet, taking into account that the fixed currency of the game has a denomination of 0.10. Later you must adjust the amount of coins in the bet, this is done for each line. Then you will have to select the active paylines. Finally, you must press spin or start by clicking on Maximum bet.

The game has the focus of winning by big lines. This represents a jackpot of 2000 times what was wagered online. You also have chances to win with payouts from left to right and vice versa.

The most interesting thing about the game is that you can eat hamburgers while having fun and earning a lot of money. In short, to start playing the Burger Station slot you just have to pay attention to the bets. Next, press the button that will develop the magic.

The game also has the option to play automatically. This way, you only have to play until you hit a jackpot, or it will just stop the game manually. The idea is to feel comfortable while you wait to win a bet.

Finally, if you want to prepare a delicious hamburger, better decide to bet to win the best one. While you are entertained with the Burger Station slot machine, giving honor to your appetite.

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